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31 Aug Alternative Approaches to Retirement Planning. Is the conventional wisdom for everyone?

Questioning traditional assumptions about retirement planning can be illuminating. Some retirement planners and economists argue that they need to be reexamined. Does most retirement planning focus on the future at the expense of the present? One noted economist makes that case. Laurence Kotlikoff, the former White...

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07 Aug Donating Highly Appreciated Stock. It can give you a tax break. It can give a charity a tax break in the future.

Why sell shares when you can gift them? If you have appreciated stocks in your portfolio (and you hold them in a non-qualified account that doesn’t get special tax treatment), then you might want to consider donating those shares to charity rather than selling them...

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31 Jul The Troubling National Debt. It is projected to grow even larger. What does that imply for the economy?

In 1835, something financially remarkable happened: the federal government paid off the national debt.1 It hasn’t happened since. Through myriad presidential administrations and economic cycles, the national debt has persisted. Wars, depressions and recessions have all helped send it higher, and while it can shrink in...

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